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Print and marketing are changing quickly ... are you taking advantage of the opportunities?

Hi, I'm Paul Bobnak, and I can help your company thrive during this evolution.


To set you apart from your competition, I'd love to work with you on creating valuable content that showcases your printing, direct mail, and marketing solutions.

  • You are not just another manufacturer, printer, or printing services provider

  • You want your message to be right and relevant

  • You need to show how you can answer your prospects' questions, overcome any objections, and earn their trust


I understand your challenges well.

My 20 years of experience working with marketers and printers – and writing about thousands of omnichannel campaigns – gives me a unique perspective on both industries.

This expertise has led me to partner with companies that want to improve their customer engagement. Through white papers, blog posts, videos, webinars, live event presentations, and research, I help you tell your stories, as well as share my knowledge and ideas.

While staying grounded in time-tested strategies and tactics, I understand the new printing and marketing technologies that promise (and deliver) measurable results, individualized messaging, and the tactile power of ink on paper. 


I like talking about print and mail.


But I love delighted customers and successful clients even more. Let’s work together to drive response, build your brand, and inspire your target audience!


Listening to and talking with hundreds of customers and vendors and analyzing thousands of marketing campaigns means that I've developed great expertise about what works  and what doesn't in driving response and building brand.

Once I understand what your wants are, I can share my knowledge through:

... basically anything that helps you or your customers do their jobs better. 

Here are just some of the types of content I've created. Click or tap each for more details and links to examples. More are listed on my LinkedIn profile, or by request.


I'd love to help you work on content solutions for your challenges! Let me help you tell your story.


Please contact me by email or this form.




It all started with 7 boxes of mail and a letter opener.


And for 20 years, I ran Who's Mailing What!, the world's most comprehensive library of direct mail and email, founded by the great Denny Hatch.


I read and analyzed thousands of letters, postcards, catalogs, and more in every industry, and then shared my know-how with customers. I helped them to learn all of the tactics, formats, and strategies that are successful, so that they could "steal smart".  


I also created a ton of content -- like articles, blog posts, videos, presentations, reports -- for subscribers of all of the properties in NAPCO Media's Target Marketing Group.


So I loved print -- even if I didn't know it just yet.


That changed in March 2016, at the National Postal Forum convention in Nashville. An all-star industry panel shared their perspective on how changes in technology and culture are changing how consumers experience brands, and what it all means for direct mail and print. 

Harris Diamond, CEO of ad agency McCann Worldgroup, mentioned "The Mail Moment" -- that experience or reaction people have to the tactile, physical nature of an envelope or other newly arrived piece of mail in their hands.

But he was also talking about the new possibilities facing marketers -- and printers. Because technology has been advancing and aligning with social trends, mail can be more powerful than ever before.

This is our mail moment ... and mine.


Today, I use my marketing expertise to advocate for print, to help marketers understand its incredible potential, and to work inside the print world to communicate the amazing benefits of print to a marketing audience.


Since leaving Target Marketing and Who's Mailing What! in July 2017, my conviction has been strengthened by the evolution sweeping across this giant ecosystem. 

I'd love to hear your story! 

Please reach out to me by email or this form.




Success! Message received.

I want to help you be more successful in print, marketing, and mail ... so let's talk about inspiring, relevant, and authoritative content that will help you and your customers. 
I look forward to hearing from you!

PB Communications

Paoli, PA 19301 USA

Let's connect here:

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