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A good white paper solves a problem but avoids making a heavy-handed product pitch. It uses facts, evidence, and thought leadership to make its case, build recognition, and deliver leads.

In March 2018, I wrote a white paper called "How Personalized Maps Add Value to Your Direct Mail" for locr, a geomarketing vendor based in Braunschweig,Germany. It works with data providers to offer geographic segmentation, as well as highly precise location data, such as exact maps and door-to-door driving instructions, to marketers. I've long been a fan of direct mail that uses variable data printing (VDP) to create customized maps. It's an ingenious way to provide very helpful visual and textual information.


I developed a top-of-the-funnel overview, based on my expertise, of how marketers and printers can use geodata to target specific industry verticals, as well as demographic audiences, like millennials.

In September 2018, I wrote "How to Be a Profitable Envelope Business" for Memjet, a digital inkjet printing vendor. It covers the markets for envelopes in today's marketplace, and how the company's inkjet technology provides opportunities for printers of all sizes to grow their businesses.

I'd love to help you work on white papers or other long-form content that meets your challenges! More content is listed on my LinkedIn profile.


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