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Videos can be a powerful way to distribute your message to a wide audience. When done well, they can create an emotional connection, entertain as well as inform the viewer, and drive higher retention, conversion, and email click-through rates.

Envelopes to me are classic direct mail, maybe even more than postcards or catalogs. So in 2017, when I was with Target Marketing, I pitched a video series that would focus on how marketers can use them in their campaigns. As I had with dozens of videos before, I tapped Who's Mailing What! - the world's most comprehensive library of direct mail - to provide all the material I would need. 

The "Engaging Envelopes" series - sponsored by Tension - covered just a few of the triggers that get envelopes opened, like texture, teaser copy, postage, and involvement devices. I wrote and hosted each of the 12 episodes in the series.

In September 2018, I hosted "How to Create: HIGH-RESPONSE ENVELOPES", a video for Memjet, a leader in inkjet technology. It explained the value proposition of using envelopes in direct mail today, and presents various new or expanded uses for envelopes with inkjet offered by Memjet's printing partners.

More content and other videos are linked from my LinkedIn profile.

I'd love to talk about how video can help your marketing! Please contact me by email or this form.


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