I like webinars and virtual conferences because they are a convenient way to connect an audience with presenters who can bring them valuable information, regardless of where they are in the world or their work day.


In my time with Target Marketing and Who's Mailing What!, I organized and hosted many sessions on topics covering direct mail, email marketing, and the use of augmented reality in print.


In January, 2018, I created a webinar, "15 Proven Ways to Boost Your Direct Mail Response", for Suttle-Straus, a printing company based in Waunakee, Wisconsin. I based my presentation on a deep dive of direct mail pieces that I had personally seen. Each one demonstrated a specific print format or tactic - some old, some new - that work in generating response for marketers today.

I'd love to help you with a webinar, podcast, or other content that can help your audience! More content is listed on my LinkedIn profile.

Please contact me by email or this form.

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